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pap whitening strips

All natural, non-sensitive, teeth whitening strips with PAP (a chemical option to hydrogen peroxide).
Consists of no hydrogen or urea, peroxide and also for that reason almost completely removes the heat/cold sensitivity connected with various other whitening strips. Gum tissue irritability is also significantly decreased

How and when should I use pap whitening strips?

Dry your teeth thoroughly prior to usage. 

Peel the strip and also use the sticky side to the top teeth. 

Push down securely on the strip and also fold it over the rear of the tooth to hold it in position. 

Repeat with the short strip on the bottom tooth. 

Allow 30 minutes for whitening treatment. 

Remove the strip and rinse the mouth with water.

pap whitening strips ingredient list

Three powerful ingredients, one advanced formula. After years of research and development, we have created a whitening formula that combines breakthrough performance with an expert formulation - PAP

Phthalimide Peroxyhexanoic Acid (PAP)

A scientifically proven tooth whitening ingredient that is a safe alternative to peroxide. PAP has no side effects during the oxidation of tooth stains, so it can whiten effectively without pain or sensitivity.

Hydroxyapatite (HAp)

Hydroxyapatite is a key component of teeth and the PAP+ formula contains a nano-synthetic version of hydroxyapatite which helps to replace lost minerals in damaged areas of tooth enamel.

Potassium Citrate

A powerful desensitizing agent that helps to relieve existing sensitivity. It travels down into the tooth and through the soft layer of dentin, providing long-lasting protection for the nerve from pain and sensitivity.

Full ingredient list

Glycerine, water/water, PVP, ethyl cellulose, alcohol, sodium polyacrylate, phthalimide peroxyhexanoic acid (PAP), xylitol, potassium citrate, hydroxyapatite, lebaudioside A, menthol, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, PVM/MA copolymer, C12-15 Pareth-3 .

pap whitening strips whitening principle

pap whitening strips use PAP particles to oxidise the pigments on the teeth. As a result, this pigment loses its ability to retain its colour, making your teeth look whiter. Prepare to see a whiter, brighter smile in one treatment. PAP Whitening Strips are formulated to gently care for your gums and teeth. Each treatment will whiten, remineralise and desensitise your pearly whites.

The main ingredient in our PAP formula is phthalimide peroxyhexanoic acid (PAP).

Similar to traditional whitening chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, PAP whitens teeth by oxidising organic pigments (chromogen). In simple terms, PAP breaks the double bonds in these organic compounds to neutralise their staining ability.

However, unlike hydrogen peroxide, PAP has been scientifically proven through double-blind, placebo-controlled trials to deliver instant whitening results without causing tooth irritation or gum irritation.

pap whitening strips features


Traditional whitening patches use hydrogen peroxide, which can lead to severe sensitivity, gum inflammation and enamel damage if not administered by a dentist.

In contrast, our whitening patches are peroxide-free and use the clinically proven active whitening ingredient PAP (phthalimide peroxyhexanoic acid.) PAP works similarly to peroxide, but it only breaks down stains and discolouration without causing any sensitivity, irritation or enamel damage.

Fast whitening

When applied, each strip of veneer adheres firmly to the tooth surface and begins to release the active ingredients of our Advanced PAP formula into the tooth structure.

You will see results after just one application and can save the remaining strips for future whitening treatments.


Manufactured in accordance with various local and international food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing standards

pap whitening strips versus hydrogen peroxide formulations for better whitening results

Hydrogen peroxide creates free radicals which are left externally of your teeth. Free radicals are the greatest culprit in the destruction of tooth enamel and extreme tooth sensitivity.
Unlike hydrogen peroxide, PAP does not create complimentary radicals when it oxidises your teeth, leaving the outer layer of your teeth intact. Our nano hydroxyapatite as well as potassium citrate infusion likewise combats the acidity of the PAP fragments. These fragments keep our solutions at a pH degree extremely similar to that of human saliva, additional preventing tooth decay as well as enamel loss.

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