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The latest innovation in teeth whitening! This dissolving teeth whitening strips has been adapted from the technology used for dissolving breath strips popular in the late 1990s. These easy to use strips simply stick to teeth and dissolve in 15-20 minutes. As this treatment is quicker acting you should expect a lesser result. This is why this product is designed for top-ups for people that have whitened in the past and are looking to regain that results that have dulled over time. Just like the breath strips of the 90s these strips have a fantastic mint flavour and work great as a breath freshener as well as a teeth whitener. There is the option to use the strips more than once a day – in fact 3 applications a day is not unheard of. This is still very safe and allows people to achieve much better results. Many people love this product and choose to make the treatment more intense for a more impressive shade change. Globally, teeth whitening strips are the most popular way to whiten teeth because they’re more comfortable and cheaper than whitening trays. DISSOLVING TEETH WHITENING STRIPS WITH PRE-APPLIED WHITENING GEL No strip to remove afterwards No impressions required Minimal clinical time Increase whitening sales in your practice Great for top-ups too Developed by UK Dentists
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