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Teeth Whitening Strips

Choose Onuge teeth whitening products to start your private lable teeth whitening business!

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Unlimited Possibilities for Your Brands

With Onuge, your brand name is on the label; we never market finished products with our brand name in place. This allows the opportunity to make your brand stand out, not ours. Not only do we provide you with high-quality products, we also provide services and support to help you successfully define and promote your brand, such as one-of-the-kind product design.

In a word, we help your company to custom the packaging from inside out.

How We Help Your Projects

1Send us your product sample, design file or packaging files to get your demo design.

2Confirm your product and packaging design as well as specificaton of your products.

3Start your mass production with quick lead time and on-process quality control.

Teeth Whitening Strips Wholesale|Get free samples

Choose Onuge wholesale teeth whitening strips to start your teeth whitening strips business!

Why choose Onuge wholesale teeth whitening strips?

Lower Cost Price

Our teeth whitening experts have integrated thousands of successful oral care development projects for companies looking to reduce OEM/ODM costs and improve product quality.

Extensive Service Experience

20 years of experience manufacturing teeth whitening strips for a diverse range of customers from large retailers to brands. Helping support thousands of companies worldwide to achieve outstanding products through our specialized manufacturing solutions. We do our best to help our customers exceed and go above and beyond to ultimately meet their expectations!

Professional dental formulations

Our R&D team regularly conducts market analysis to assimilate our customers' needs, allowing us to quickly understand your ideas and bring them to life. Our customers who have received our professional advice speak highly of our R&D team. We have put all our expertise to work in realizing the formulation of the oral products you are selling, including flavors, fragrances, effects, etc.

Provide product samples

There is no risk before ordering in bulk. We are happy to provide samples to our customers for evaluation prior to purchase. Contact us and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

With over 20 years of OEM/ODM experience, Onuge offers custom teeth whitening strips services for brands, allowing you to customize a variety of teeth whitening strips products to your own brand, with consistently high-quality certifications and samples.

Teeth Whitening Strips Wholesale

Ready to start a teeth whitening business with a certified facility you can trust?

Teeth Whitening Strips Wholesale

FAQ of teeth whitening strips

What is teeth whitening strips

teeth whitening strips technology provides better whitening results in less time than leading national brands, without creating a sticky, gooey residue or sticking to messes.

Onuge teeth whitening strips have the 'just right' adhesion strength to prevent spillage and remove easily for a brighter whitening experience, thus reducing the wear and tear time required to achieve brighter results.


What is teeth whitening strips function

Onuge teeth whitening strips use a unique combination of innovative formulas such as non peroxide or 6% hydrogen peroxide or PAP to allow the teeth whitening strips to adhere perfectly to the teeth, minimizing spillage into the mouth and providing fast, powerful whitening action with easy separation and minimal residue.

The customize formula leaves a clean taste, long-lasting fresh breath and whitening effect. Just the right amount of whitening ingrediant sets a new standard for the best whitening experience.

Each of these elements is critical to a comfortable, pleasant, timely and effective whitening experience. It is widely accepted that enamel-safe, dental-grade hydrogen peroxide is the most powerful tooth whitening ingredient, providing the best results in the shortest possible application time . The challenge was to find convenient, comfortable, safe and effective applications of hydrogen peroxide whitening strips. Earlier versions of whitening strips proved challenging as the gel strips were too "wet" causing the strips to slip off the teeth and the whitening gel to flow into the mouth in an unattractive mucus form.

In contrast, the newer versions of whitening strips are so sticky and 'dry' that they become very difficult to remove. To address this challenge, Onuge has thoroughly researched the existing whitening strip technology in order to bring you a superior teeth whitening strips

Ingredient highlights

Specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel for perfect adhesion and delivery of teeth whitening strips.

The teeth whitening strips are ultra-thin and easy to mould to the tooth surface.

Teeth whitening strips are sized for universal coverage and comfort on upper and lower teeth.

Virtually no sensitivity.

Refreshing flavour of teeth whitening strips adds a pleasant taste and freshens breath.


About Onuge

Onuge is a leading manufacturer, distributor and wholesale supplier of teeth whitening strips. Whether it's custom formulations, flavours or packaging, we provide end-to-end custom solutions for teeth whitening concerns.

We offer custom names, logos, branded primary packaging, custom cartons including vacuum form inserts and custom collateral materials. We also offer custom service solutions for wholesale orders from printing and production to assembly and fulfilment options. Turnkey services and low thresholds are our speciality.

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